Update with the #1 Batmobile’s restoration

December 2018
  • December 30, 2018
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It’s been a while since I’ve given you all an update on the #1 Batmobile’s restoration. The owner has sent me these updated photos of the restoration.
You’ll notice:
*Accurate aluminum beacon cage
*Accurate/vintage arch red lights
*Accurate antlers
*Accurate/period correct fire extinguisher
*Accurate/vintage Ansen red/silver handles
*Accurate placard
*Accurate Detect A Scope and red lights under the arch
*The rear canopy is now sitting above the arch versus below it.
Yes, the steering wheel and seats are out of the car right now, since they are being worked on.


*Accurate metal door bats
*Accurate/vintage Rader 15×7 single-ribbed rims
*Accurate Bat-spinners
*Accurate radar antenna
*Accurate Barris crest
*Accurate aluminum beacon cage & antlers
*Inaccurate sprinkler heads, reflectors and labels were removed from the front grill area


More details soon!

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