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#1 Batmobile Sold in 2013

George Barris sold the Batmobile at auction in Arizona for $4,200,000 on January 13, 2013.

blade front not used

Front Steel Blade

The front steel "slasher" blade was not seen or utilized during the TV show. The blade was later removed from the car because the producers of the TV show thought it was too dangerous.

Lincoln Futura

In 1955, the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company designed and built a futuristic concept car called the Lincoln Futura. It was built entirely by hand in Turin, Italy at a cost of $250,000, and like many concept cars, was never put in to production. In the mid 1960's, George Barris of Barris Kustom City acquired the car for $1 directly from Ford.

steering wheel original

Original Steering Wheel

The original steering wheel was from the Lincoln Futura and modified to resemble the yoke from an airplane. Adam (Batman) West complained it was too difficult to drive with the "U" shaped wheel, so Barris replaced it in '67 with a stock 1958 Ford Edsel steering wheel.

Rader Wheels

In the 1960's, the Batmobile wore 15" single-ribbed Rader Wheels.

2f-3567 plate

2F-3567 License Plate

There were 4 license plates used during the Batman TV show: 2F-3567, TP-6597, BAT-1 & ZEF 451.


  • Car customizer Dean Jeffries was originally approached by the producers of Batman to build the Batmobile.  Jeffries was going to use a 1959 Cadillac, but ultimately turned down the project

  • The Lincoln Futura was originally stored at Barris Kustom City in the early 1960’s.  George Barris took ownership of the car, since Ford owed him money for storing it and Ford no longer had an interest in the car

  • Production artist Eddie Graves at 20th Century Fox designed the Batmobile and gave the sketch to George Barris

  • The Batmobile was a modified 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car

  • The Batmobile was built by Barris Kustom City in October of 1965

  • The Batmobile was built in 3 weeks

  • The original pinstripe color was fluorescent cerise.  It was originally painted on and then a vinyl sticker was used

  • Bill Cushenbery reworked the hood, opened up the wheel wells, modified and scalloped the rear fins

  • Gale Black customized the front saw blade, rocket tubes and orange driving lights

  • Richard “Korky” Korkes customized a 5 gallon paint can into the rear turbine exhaust

  • Herb Grasse painted and pinstriped the metal bat-spinners

  • The Bat-Beam or Radar antenna was originally painted silver and was later changed to gold around February ’66 as seen in episode number 19

  • The front steel blade was removed from the car because the producers of the TV show thought it was unsafe and was never utilized during the show

  • In October of 1966, the Emergency Bat-Turn lever was shortened and relocated back a bit.  In 1967, it was relocated even further back on the arch.  This was done to give the camera a less obstructed view of Batman & Robin

  • In 1966, a round antenna base replaced the teardrop shaped base.  This antenna was located at the rear of the car

  • The pair of red antler lights next to the beacon light never lit-up

  • In 1966, in episode #22 you can clearly see the steering linkage break

  • The 3 Batmobile copies were built on ’67 Ford Galaxies that Ford provided

  • In 1967, the arch was raised to give the camera a less obstructed view of Batman & Robin.  A pad was also added to the center of the rear canopy

  • There were 4 license plates used during the TV show.  2F-3567, TP-6597, BAT-1, & ZEF 451

  • Batman, Robin, Penguin, Riddler, King Tut, Alfred, Catwoman, & the Bookworm all drove the Batmobile during the Batman TV show

  • Hubie Kerns was Adam West’s stuntman and he drove the Batmobile dressed as Batman

  • The Batmobile’s engine was never seen during the Batman TV show

  • At different times during the show you could see a non-functional movie camera mounted to the bottom of the rear turbine exhaust

  • Originally the Batmobile had red door bats with a white outline.  In 1967, the design was changed to solid red

  • In 1967, George Barris was paid around $5,000.00 to display the Batmobile at various car shows

  • In 1967, an unmodified 1958 Ford Edsel steering wheel replaced the “U” shaped original.  Adam West complained it was difficult to drive with the original modified wheel

  • In 1967, during Season 2, episode #35, you can see the #4 Batmobile being used for a brief stand-in

  • In 1967, in episode #76 you can clearly see a dent in the passenger side door

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