Copy #2
The #2 car on the left with the original #1.
Adam West with the Batmobile
Fan Stephanie Rose with the car in 1967
Bob Kane and George Barris
1969 with Bat-fuzz

Copy #2

The #2 Batmobile was built of fiberglass from molds taken of the #1.  It was built in late 1966 on a Ford Galaxie chassis that was lengthened by 11 inches to match the #1 Batmobile.  It was utilized for many exhibition & promotional events throughout the U.S. and Canada from 1966-1968.

The car was distinct from its brothers, since it is the only copy that had a unique beacon cage design and a unique shaped door bat that was significantly different than the other copies.

In 1968, George Barris decided to cover the car in flocking or “Bat-fuzz.”  This velvety, fuzzy finish was used on the car as a trendy addition to accent its features.  It was accomplished by first spraying the car with epoxy and then spraying it with nylon fibers that were electro-statically applied.  Nylon flocking was resistant to dirt, stains and more durable than paint.  The car remained fuzzed until the mid-80’s.

The #2 exhibition car is owned by Dave Anderson and is privately located in Virginia.

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