My former Starsky & Hutch car

1975 Ford Gran Torino

Upholstery by: MrStitch

 Project started on September 30, 2005

Photos Updated: 2/13/08

1975 1975 1975 1975
9/30/05-- My project car was 100% stock and was in great condition.  The only thing that needed repair when I saw the car was a ripped front seat and a broken tail light .
1975 1975 1975 Eventually it will look like this!
Viper front seats Viper front seats 11-12-05 11-12-05

The car is in the process of being stripped of all its paint. No rust was found, but some body filler.  Also purchased 1997 Viper GTS custom red/white front seats

Vintage ansen rims 11-12-05 11-12-05 11-12-05

Purchased vintage Ansen Sprint rims 15x7 (front) & 15x8.5 (rear)

11-12-05 11/18/05 11/18/05 11/18/05
11/18/05 11/18/05
11/18/05 Purchased a new front passenger fender to replace the heavily bondo'd/damaged original

12/2/05 The rear seats were re-upholstered to match the front by look great!

12/06/05 12/06/05 12/06/05 12/06/05
12/6/05 The car is in primer now.  The hood needs to be finished/prepped & the passenger side fender will be replaced.
1/14/06 1/14/06 24.jpg (109281 bytes) Hood
PPG paint Trunk
1/14/06 The car is now fully primered and ready for wet sanding and then the jams, trunk and hood will be painted red (PPG).

2/4/06 The car was block sanded and the door jams, hood and trunk have been painted PPG "Bright Red"

Before the stripe The stripe has been laid down The stripe has been laid down The stripe has been laid down
3/4/06 The car was partially painted PPG "Wimbledon White" and the stripe was laid out by hand.
3/25/06 3/25/06 3/25/06 3/25/06
3/25/06 The car has been painted and now it needs to be sanded and buffed.
Wet sanded Wet sanded Wet sanded Wet Sanded
4/8/06 The car being wet sanded and getting prepped for buffing
4/29/06 4/28/06 4/28/06
Header panel installed May 13th May 13th June 8th
June 8th June 8th June 8th June 8th
6/8/06 The car after being wet sanded and buffed.
The hood being buffed The car in the process of being buffed The car in the process of being buffed Bumper Added
8/26/06 The car being buffed and the rear bumper was added
8/27/06 8/27/06 8/27/06 Trim added
8/27/06 Being reassembled
Rear Trim added Front end put together Trim added Dash area repainted black
9/2/06 Re-chromed bumpers and chrome trim added & dash area was painted black
9-10-06 New Carpet 9-10-06 9-10-06
9/10/06 Front & rear windshield put back on. New black carpet and dash added.  The Viper seats were bolted down.
9/17/06 9/17/06 Front rim/tire Interior
9/17/06  All the little imprefections (tape marks) are being worked out & just mounted the 235 60/15s for the front rims
Interior 9-24-06 9-24-06 9-24-06
9/24/06  Got my car back from the painters and put the front rims on.  Having "issues" with the rears.  Now have to put together the interior. 
9-24-06 New Steering wheel New exhaust New Exhaust
9/30/06 Got Hooker headers installed plus dual exhaust Flowmaster 50's. Also, installed vintage Ford steering wheel.
Wheels installed 10-07-06 10-22-06 10--22-06
10/07/06 Rear wheels/tires installed.  
Dash 10-22-06 Wheel well chrome added Rear
  10/22/06 Had black stripe fixed to a 3/16" width (above) & added factory clock to dash.  10/29/06 Chrome trim added to driver side wheel wells.
Interior Interior Rear Edelbrock Intake Manifold and carb
1/25/07 Custom interior is put together and looking sharp.
Pair of Starsky & Hutch cars Pair of Starsky & Hutch cars Pair of Starsky & Hutch cars Pair of Starsky & Hutch cars
2/4/07 My car with an original 1976 Limited Edition
Ford racing parts March 2007
3/23/07 New engine goodies added

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